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 Martin Morrison was born in Badcall Inchard Kinlochbervie in 1922, son of Angus Mackay of Port Vasgo, Melness, and Johan Sutherland Morrison. He was employed as a labourer on the Loch Erribol road, prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

He was called up into the Army, serving as a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps during the North African campaign, then into Sicily and the allied invasion of Italy in September 1943. The Royal Army Service Corps was responsible for the re-supply of troops in every area of the battlefield, including the front line. Trucks from the Army Service Corps carried all the items required to fight a modern war, from food and petrol to ammunition and spare parts for armoured vehicles.

At the end of the war in Italy in 1945, the 43rd Transport Company was moved into billets in the town of Bari in Southern Italy and Martin returned home to Melness on leave. Shortly after he returned to his unit in Italy he was accidentally shot by a Polish sentry, he died from his wounds at the age of twenty-four years. 

SCOTTISH NATIONAL WAR MEMORIAL EDINBURGH CASTLE Martin Morrison does not appear in the Scottish National War Memorial inside Edinburgh Castle because his death was an accident, occurring after the hostilities had ended in Italy. The war in Italy ended on the 5 of May 1945 with a cease-fire, any soldier killed or dying after that date was not recorded as a casualty of the war.

COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION Morrison Driver M. T/14247106. 43rd General Transport Company Royal Army Service Corps. Died 21 of July 1946. Age 24. Son of Angus and Johan Mackay of Port Vasgo, Sutherlandshire. Plot XI. Row F. Grave 39.

Driver Martin Morrison 14247106 Royal Army Service Corps is buried in a war grave at BARI WAR CEMETERY, ITALY.

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