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Donald Hugh Mackay was born in Skerray, second son of Andrew and Christina Mackay of Modsary, Skerray, Thurso, Caithness. He enlisted in the Seaforth Highlanders in Skerray, once he had completed his military training he was sent to the 6 Battalion Seaforth Highlanders in France.


On the 9 of April 1917 the 6 Seaforths were with the 152 Brigade, 51(Highland) Division in France preparing to take part in the Battle of Arras.

Private Donald Hugh Mackay was killed in action on the same day as Angus Gunn Mackay from Clashaidy; Donald’s brother in law John George Mackay from Clashnastruag was also killed. The three men are buried in the same cemetery, very close to the place where they were killed in action as the Seaforth Highlanders, charged the enemy trenches.

Donald’s older brother Eric serving with the 15 Battalion Canadian Infantry, was also killed in action during the Battle of Arras. His brother John was also wounded whilst serving beside Eric. (Eric Mackay’s story appears elsewhere in this book.)   

SCOTTISH NATIONAL WAR MEMORIAL EDINBURGH CASTLE. Mackay (Donald)* Hugh. 267671. Private. Killed in action F&F 9-4-17. 6 Battalion Seaforth Highlanders.

COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION Mackay Private (Donald)* Hugh. 267671. 6 Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. Killed in action on 9 April 1917. Age 23. Son of Andrew and Christina Mackay of Modsary, Skerray, Thurso, Caithness. Plot 1. Row C. Grave 43.

Private Donald Hugh Mackay 267671, 6 Battalion Seaforth Highlanders is buried in a war grave at HIGHLAND CEMETERY, ROCLINCOURT, FRANCE. (See also Angus Gunn Mackay, Clashaidy and John George Mackay, Clashnastruag.)

* All military records concerning Donald Hugh Mackay show he served as Hugh, his first name is missing from these documents.

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