Never More - Roll of Honour Tongue WW 2
Alexander Macleod       Cameron Highlanders
John Macleod              Royal Navy 
Kenneth Macleod         Royal Navy  
Robina Macleod           W.A.A.F.S
Alexander Sutherland   Pioneer Corps
Alexander Mackay        Royal Canadian Air Force*
David Mackay          Royal Navy Reserve
William Mackay Rae      Cameron Highlanders
John George Rae         Royal Artillery
Thomas Rae                Royal Artillery
Winnie Rae                  D.O.A.S Land Army
Harry Ross             Seaforth Highlanders
Jessie Ross            WRNS
John Mackay          Scots Guards
George Nicoll     
Neil Sharpe           Royal Army Service Corp   
Hugh Mackay          Lovat Scouts
Angus Mackay         Royal Army Service Corp
Donald Mackay        Royal Army Service Corp
William Mackay       Royal Artillery
Robert Mackay        Royal Engineers
Christine Martzel      
William J Mackay     Army
D Munro                    Lovat Scouts
Thomas Munro          Medical Corp
Jack Campbell          Royal Army Service Corp
William Campbell       Royal Army Service Corp
John George Mackay   Royal Air Force
William Mackay           Lovat Scouts
Tongue Manse
Rev Hector Maclean    Army
Tongue Hotel  
Hamish Mackenzie     R.E.M.E.
Tongue Village
Thomas Macleod      Royal Air Force
Gordon Macleod      Royal Air Force
Angus Macleod        8th Armoured Division
Ronald Macleod      Royal Air Force
William Macleod     Scots Guards
John Rae              Lovat Scouts
Leslie Burr          Royal Army Service Corp
William Mackay       Lovat Scouts
John Munro           Army
Joseph Munro        Royal Air Force
Peter Burr           Royal Navy
R Mackay            Army
George Henderson      Royal Air Force
William Henderson      Lovat Scouts
Adam Henderson        Lovat Scouts
John Mackay           Royal Artillery
Gabriel Mackay        Lovat Scouts
Donald Mackay         Royal Corp of Signals  
William Mackay        15/19 Hussars  
Donald Mackay        Royal Air Force
J G Mackay              Royal Air Force
Edward Mackay       Royal Air Force  
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