Never More - Roll of Honour Melness WW 2

Melness Farm
Charles O'Brien    5th Seaforth Highlanders   Pipe Major
John G Macleod   Royal Artillery   Mines Department
William M Macleod  5th Seaforth Highlanders   Piper
Donald Mackay    Royal Air Force
William Mackay   Army
Angus Mackay     Army
George Munro     Seaforth Highlanders
John G M Campbell  Royal Navy
Donald Mackay   Royal Navy
Anson Macdonald  Royal Navy
William A MacDonald  Parachute Regiment
Ruby Barnetson  N.A.A.F.I.
Anne MacDonald  N.A.A.F.I.
Hugh MacDonald  Scots Guards
Robert Mackay   Royal Air Force
Neil Munro      Royal Navy
John P Munro    Merchant Navy     Convoys
George R Mackay  Royal Air Force
Mackay Mackay    Highland Light Infantry
Donald Mackay     Royal Navy
George A Gow    Royal Air Force
Christopher Gow   Royal Air Force
Jessie Gow       W.R.N.S.
Euphemia Gow     A.T.S.
Hugh Mackay      Royal Armoured Corps
Robert Munro      Royal Navy
Agnes Macleod     W.A.A.F.
Frank Gordon      Seaforth Highlanders
Alexander G Mackay  Pioneer Corp
Hugh Mackay      King's Dragoon Guards
John F Mackay     Scots Guards
John Gow        Royal Navy
Alexander Gow  Royal Navy
Maisie Reid     A.T.S.  
Lower Talmine
John A Mackay    Seaforth Highlanders
Hector Pope      Royal Navy    also served in WW1
Magnus Mackay    Royal Army Service Corp
Eric Mackay     Royal Military Police
Thomas Morrison Lovat Scouts  Decorated - C.S.M & D.C.M
James A Mackay  Royal Army Service Corp
Joseph Mackay   Royal Corp of Signals
James A Morrison Royal Air Force    Pilot Officer 
Charles H Mackay Royal Navy
Jessie Ann Morrison  A.T.S
John A Cameron     Seaforth Highlanders
Neil Cameron       Royal Air Force   Air Commodore
Port Vasgo
John A.O. Mackay
Duncan Mackay      Lovat Scouts 
Robert Hugh Mackay  '8th' Armoured Division
Boyce R Gunn       Lovat Scouts
Robert Gunn        Royal Engineers
John A Gunn        Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Robert A Mackay     Royal Artillery
Robert John Macleod  Royal Engineers
William Macleod      Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Colin Macleod    Royal Air Force
Hugh Macleod    Royal Army Medical Corp
Jack Macleod    Royal Navy
Donald Macleod   Army
Alexander Finlay   Lovat Scouts
James Mackay     Royal Canadian Mounted Police
West Strathen
Angus Mackay      Lovat Scouts
Cathel Mackay     Merchant Navy
Alexander Mackay   Royal Air Force
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